Environmental Auditing

Environmental Auditing is a key competency offered by MRA.  We have extensive experience with and knowledge of Federal, State and Local Government environmental regulatory requirements and audit methodologies. 

We have undertaken many environmental audits which evaluate compliance with legislative criteria (in particular with the Environmental Protection Act 1994) and compliance with development / operational conditions of legislative approvals. MRA also offer audits against ISO 14000 series environmental management standards or the nominated performance criteria of our clients such as policies, standards and procedures for internal use. Our services include:

Environmental Auditing Services

  • Legislative Compliance Audits (local, state & federal)
  • Compliance with Regulatory Approvals and/or Codes
  • Exemplar Global Certified Environmental Auditors
  • Environmental Authority Audits for ERA’s and Petroleum & Mining Industries
  • Environmental Management System Audits – ISO 14001 compliance and gap analysis
  • Experience as endorsed Independent Environmental Auditors for NSW State Development Consents
  • Experience as endorsed Independent Environmental Auditors for QLD Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Permits
  • Environmental Due Diligence Audits
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan Audits
  • Waste Audits
  • Environmental Report Verification
  • Green Star Waste Audits
  • Food Hygiene Audits

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